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Poor old Albany Co. DA David Soares, he spent the last 23 years towing the party line and was sucessful. Then he made the fatal mistake of being critical of democrat soft on crime lunacy and immediately was targeted for destruction. You see, if you say a word about Carl Heastie’s and Andrea Stewart-Cousin’s state destroying “bail reform” or “raise the age” social justice laws, you must be destroyed…Totally!

For daring to criticize his one-party dictates Soares lost the party nomination and campaign funding. Instead they will run Lee Kindlon a connected lawyer who they say aspires to be a judge someday and knows just what you have to do in one-partyAlbany Co. to get it. Once Soares is kicked to the curb by lemming like voters you will see a continuation of the shootings, robberies and drug gang violence where no one is prosecuted for crime. You’ll have nobody to blame but yourselves.

Speaking of crime, thanks to Biden’s open border we have the additional privilege of being preyed upon by illegal alien criminals. Rapes of 13 year olds in Central Park and a rape-murder of another 13 year old in Texas. Two cops shot in NYC and a third assaulted. 900 police calls to the migrant hotel on Wolf road and on and on an on. Crime has gotten so bad that even an agent on Biden’s secret service detail was robbed at gunpoint.

But if you dare to criticize this planned destruction of America you end up under FBI investigation like Eric Adams or lose your job like David Soares. As deep state Dr. Fauci stated: “When you make it difficult for people in their lives, they lose their ideological bullshit”. When will you wake up?

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