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You can always tell when the media is running another propaganda operation for the democrats. Just listen to the talking heads get full of faux outrage that makes no sense.

Today the order of the day is the “upside down flag” fake scandal designed to attack conservatives on the Supreme Court.

It seem that shortly after Jan. 6 (one of the biggest leftist faux outrage events) the wife of Justice Alito flew an American flag upside down in front of their house. This universal sign of distress was in response to a liberal neighbor putting up signs on their property with profanity directed at Trump. What the upside down flag was meant to convey is unknown except to the liberal news reporters who gasped and clutched at their pearls in outrage that someone’s wife would DARE to desecrate our sacred flag. Of course when Biden’s leftist supporters burn or spit on American flags it’s just free speech.

But you know where this is leading, the leftist press is once again doing the Democrat’s bidding and trying to force Justice Alito to resign so Biden can install a replacement before he gets defeated in November. They tried this with bogus charges against Clarance Thomas and the other conservative justices and it’s fallen flat every time.

Maybe they should roll out Blasey-Ford again. You know the liberal media will be all too willing to light their hair on fire in faux outrage.

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