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Albany county DA David Soares was a good little soldier in the liberal Democrat army who kept quiet and followed the agenda of the elites. When he hired his unqualified girlfriend to work in his office there was a brief ruffle of concern but he was a loyal democrat so nothing ever came of it. After all, in the one party Albany county world what’s a little nepotism among friends. It’s only the taxpayer who gets screwed.

But then Soares made a fatal mistake, he started thinking for himself. He saw the disaster that was the bail reform laws rammed through the one party legislature by Andrea Stewart-Cousins and Karl Heastie. Massive rises in violent and property crime were a direct result. Soares couldn’t stay silent any longer and started voicing what we all knew. The no-bail, no-jail, no-consequences system was an utter failure. He became openly critical of his own party.

By doing this Soares painted a target on his back and it wouldn’t take long for political retribution for his disloyalty. Like Eric Adams in NYC city who suddenly was “investigated” after criticizing Joe Biden, Soares is similarly being roasted by the New York State democrats.

A “report” was issued accusing Soares of misspending discretionary funds on raises for himself and staff. It’s not clear if this was proper or not but had he not been critical of democrat policies his little bit of graft would have been overlooked and ignored. Not now though, David Soares has betrayed the tribe and his life will now be ruined. There will be investigations, faux outrage and maybe even indictments. He’ll be too busy trying to fight off attacks to ever speak up against the criminals running this state.

This is how the democrats keep people in line. This is how it’s done.

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