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Ok! We are an established cover band in the area, we book shows pretty regularly in the Troy Albany and Schenectady area. We have been playing together for about just shy of two years so we have all seen each other naked.

Our dear bassist just accepted a job out of state across the country and we are very happy for him but sad to be losing such a talented guy. We love having a good time and enjoying drinks. This band is for fun, and it encompasses all ideas brought to the table. We have a catalog of about 75 songs right now that we are looking to add to over the winter. We bring some original covers as well as some straight up match the tabletures covers that take on hits from the nineties, pop punk, alternative, rap hits, Taylor Swift, spice girls, fall out boy, jimmy eat world, etc everything except country at this point.

Our goal is to make people dance and to enjoy getting drunk and singing along with us. This is fun for us, I can't stress that enough. Bassists looking to apply should be very strong at jumping in on songs and talking through them with everyone.

We have two shows left with our dear bassist and then we will be looking to practice with someone new and taking a brief break. If we can get you caught up for a Christmas show we play then perfect! If not, we will torture you and hope for the best moving forward.

Shoot us an email with your information. Tell us about you. Guys, girls, non identifying humans please please please apply. Let us know about you, what you play with, whether you can play other instruments, sing, dance, hype man/woman, whatever.

Then we will tell you about us, and we will have you out for a Halloween show we are playing and you can get a vibe for us in action and see if it's up your alley.

We try to practice as much as possible, practice on your own will be a must. If you're looking for a fun, accepting band to play with regularly, this is it.
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