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Currently I'm in the studio recording original music, its a mixture
of /progressive/space/folk/rock. I'm mostly an electric/acoustic
guitar player with vocals. Here is a link to a few draft tracks I have so far.

and a few others at
and a few videos at

I play everything now, but I'm looking for a bass player
that can add some really nice bass walks, a keyboard player that uses
synth (i.e. Moog) or similar. and a drummer, preferably electronic kit
that can kick in some nice fills etc.

I have a decent home studio to work with and will travel if the vibe is right
or we could use the internet to send tracks back and forth

My goal is to finish these recordings and sell music online and play some gigs.
I'm not interested in playing for peanuts at some local smoky pub, I want us to
play serious venues that pay $$$, festivals in front of 1000's, or maybe opening
act for main stream artists.

If you are talented and have a passion to live the life of a musician, then
txt or email me to discuss this opportunity.
  • ne PAS me contacter pour des services ou offres non requises

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