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I can bring back the beauty in your wood guitar or any other sting instrument without compromising the tone quality and look of the original. I use all natural wood products. No synthetic finishes or oils. Free estimates. I specialize in water and mold damage repair. Inexpensive but not quick. I take my time and make sure the repairs stay. I have 30 years experience of fine wood restoration and refurbishing. If you wish a "to the detail" type restoration, that is your choice.

The images are of before and after pictures of the same guitar. The owner opted to completely restore this guitar to playing condition. It is a 1939 Cromwell his grandfather played in a jazz band in Boston. There were cracks in the back and front of the body and separations in the piping around the frame. The internal bridgework supports were dried out and falling away from the front and back. The neck was worn from playing and the whole guitar was so dry it felt like a feather holding it. The banjo/lyre string retention was rusted and pitted and the vibrato bar was missing. This restoration is unusual because all the owner wish was that it could be brought back to playing order. He wasn't concerned about the restore to original. This was a restoration to playing ability. This owner picked his own finish and degree of restoration. That is what I offer all customers.

Other items restored were to original manufacturer specs.

If interest contact: Ray
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