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Re-posting this because I had to reset my phone and lost some numbers from peeps. If you messaged me, try again please.

I've been lurking for years on Craigslist, facebook groups, bandmix and all that, posted a couple times, but haven't seemed to find many people on my wavelength with regards to ambitions and personality.

I'm a 33 year old guitar player. I'm a hippy at heart but I put my button up shirts on and play the part of a professional during the day.

I'm just looking for some people to hang out and jam with. I think it would be cool to eventually play out at parties, or maybe at a bar here and there, but my motivation is just to jam and meet new people.

3 years ago I was a lonely guitar player who never really jammed with anyone but then I met some folks and started jamming with people more and more and it's enriched my life quite a bit. I'm looking to continue that path but it's hard to find people who aren't committed in other projects or who aren't looking for immediate commitment from me.

We can hang at my house or I have a friend who's offered his space to jam in with a PA system and such, but I'd like to get to know you before inviting craigslist randos over there (no offense).

If you're a good hang, and looking to just play some music with no pressure please hit me up.

PS: 420 friendly

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