Clicking on "Household Services", you probably just had something go wrong in your home, or are putting your home on the market. Either way, you're looking for an expert, with expert advice, to work safely and reasonably priced in your home. Whether it's your personal home or multiple investment properties, its best you know me. I assure you, that when something goes wrong in your home and you don't call me to come over and at least meet me, hear what I have to say about your issue and give you a price to fix it, than you are selling yourself short. The Owner of ODDS 'N' ENDS Remodeling & Handyman Services, has worked every trade and IS a Home Repair Specialist. A House GURU. Throughout the years, I've realized that an increasing number of retirement age homeowners enjoy, feel comfortable with and prefer, to call one gentleman for "EVERYTHING". It provides a sense of security, to know that when an issue arises in their home, there is only 1 PHONE # to dial. ODDS 'N' ENDS. I've also noticed, an increasing number of courageous, independent women, who overcome the intimidation of solo homeownership. Successful women appreciate thorough explanations and all options clearly presented to them. They are then capable, of making informed decisions, to fix their home the right/safe way. I remove the uncertainty and pressure of homeownership and the wonder of who to call. For years I've been driving around the Capital Region Remodeling, Repairing, or Flipping Homes. I am chosen by Professionals- Law Enforcement, Dr.'s, Teachers, VETS, State Employees, Private Investors, Realtors, Property Management Companies. My home owner clientele is consistently growing, thanks to referrals. I am a Marine Corps Veteran and the type of person people allow in their homes, when they are not. My experiences as a Realtor underscore my understanding of the importance of home ownership and the attachment that is associated with it. They also provide the homeowner, with advice and tips on how to get top dollar and in the past has even created multiple offer situations. I consider it an honor and privilege to be trusted with sets of house keys, and allowed to rip someones walls open, repair or replace electrical or plumbing issues and build the wall back. Most people have various headaches around their home that start to become overlooked. But there's always one, that forces them to call Odds 'N' Ends. And they are always relieved and pleased, that having called for only one issue, just resolved all their different headaches around the house. Odds "N" Ends is fixin the Entire Capital Region one house at a time and can be reached @ (518) 8five7- FIVE 22 ZERO !

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