Re: coin guy from Leominster Ma (Selkirk.)

My name is Richard

As a long time professional buyer of pre 1965 coins since the 70’s, it’s embarrassing to be part of this trade now.

The Leominster guy im posting about
will lie and try to rip you off!! I have emails from him being a total pos. He admits in the email to me how he likes getting ignorant people to sell him silver with the hopes of getting high valued coins. He will NOT tell you that the coin/s are collector coins. He will still pay you $20 for $1 in pre 1965 coin for your $50-$100,000 coin.

People- GOIGLE your coins before selling to a guy calling you ignorant and then ripping you off.
There’s a LOT of valuable coins out there and people like this guy will take advantage of you not knowing grandmas coin values.

Need any emails of his, I’m glad to share. He will as will other cl rip offs flag my ad.

I emailed him to see if he was a good guy or a liar. He wants my silver coins as scrap silver. Yet when I told him they are all bent in half, he no longer wanted to buy. So if he wanted as silver content as he stated, why wouldn’t he buy 1000 bent dimes?? 1000 bent coins yield the same amount of silver as 1000 non bent coins.
This shows you he is not honest!!

Be safe be aware on cl for bad buyers. There’s a bunch of local ones.

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