Selling An App Review and Rating Business Account - $7,515

Key Highlights

If you're searching for a relatively low-maintenance business to turn a profit, this app review and rating account is for you.


This business account enables you to rate and review apps for companies aiming to enhance their user engagement and metrics. The customers are from all over the world.

To keep the business running smoothly, you need to log into the account, review the list of clients, and rate and review their apps. Upon completing ratings and reviews, you receive a commission, which is a percentage of the total amount the business pays the company. This commission can increase over time.

Running the account requires about 2-3 hours a day, but it can yield significant profits. The schedule is flexible, allowing you to choose not to work on any given day. However, keep in mind that you won't earn any money on days you don't work because this is commission-based with potential for earning bonuses.


There has been decent growth and revenue in the short time I've owned the account.

Part of the reason I'm looking to sell is because I've made good money, but I'm exploring new business ventures that will require my full attention. In the early stages, the commission is lower, but it grows significantly over time. You can see the growth in the documents below.

This business didn't make any money in April because I was in the onboarding process. I've been making profits this month and have seen a profit of $7151 so far, and I believe this will continue to grow exponentially because there are tons of clients.

Included in the sale are the account login and password. If you have any questions post-sale, my account manager will provide post-sale support. Introductions will be made after the sale.

Please note, I'm not selling the company because I don't own it. I'm selling a business account. These accounts are hard to come by, with only 30 other people currently working on these projects.

Message me for more details.

PayPal, Venmo, Cashapp, or Crypto accepted as forms of payment.

Will provide copies of balance from site and confirmation of payment in crypto received. Can also send copies of client's a commission earned for transactions.

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