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Go to bed will ya?

basement dweller... pic

RE: gay thing? pic

Does Billy's new commercial make anybody else uncomfortable ?

Andy says free college for all

Fuckjack Obama throwing shit on the wall ($320 billion)

re: doomockey

Dear John

3 Doomockey, Doomockey 3 (Queershake)

re: crumbies


1 in 4 raped on campus (Bullshitville) pic

luv dem red cameras (da hood)

RE: 76 (NY-VTL1110a) pic

What is dockey moo you ask? (Clubhouse historian)

Is that the smell of burning shit? (Troy)

re:Cumbies in Mechanicville (stupid idiot) pic

So it's a gay thing? pic

That's dockeymoo?!

$15 min is a shit sandwich (and you fools want seconds) pic

Cumbies in Mechanicville pricing fuckery (Illegal advertising)

WTF is dockey-moo?

21 all old fucks off R&R 21 (albany)

RE Al Sharpton

Anybody ever... pic

Has anyone ever...NO.

49 Al Sharpton and Race Baiters Band 49 (New York City)

A story from Alberta Canada

anybody know this girl? pic

Has anyone ever.....

More drivers all over (Rt. 146 & Union Street)

dockey moo asshole pic


interesting proposal


How to be happy!!!! (libtown)

speaking of boning pic

Now you wanna bone pic

Here we go again (Squid Fan Club)

Dog boning? pic

You wanna bone my dog?! pic

Now I remember why I cancelled my subscription

why all the cops @ columbia st Stewart's? (cohoes)

re: thanks for the update pic

thanks for the squiddly update (lol!)

Old Squiddly just deleted all his dockey moo pic

While Paula Mahan was busy destroying business (Colonie)

20 cum or dont bother 20 (albany)

I can't take it! pic

DEC's dirty little game (Open for business)

what in da hell? pic

What's with all the car hotties?

Why don't they turn Rotterdam Mall into a casino? pic

55 Cuomo / Flag Half-Staff 55 pic

Public hellth (lib thspeak)

Does this sound right to you? (Life ruined by littlekids)

maybe rev. al can do for Hollywood... pic

Hey semi colon asshole!

The new Skankectady casino will be great

Dickwad Obama--too little--too late (Paris) pic

"Appropriate and reasonable public health policies" (Lib speak) pic

re:When in Red Hook... visit this pier~~ (FDNY Brooklyn)

Al's pissed about Oscar's

re:Dan Eaton (BLECH!!!) pic

Yellow dog bitch (Musket balls) pic

Great to be rich

dan eaton (sucks ass)

re: pig pit,dino,sex crime cook guy & a partridge in a pair tree

re: re: happy b'day! (Lib logic) pic

Pig Pit Rebuttle

Rere: happy birthday

And now your nightly recap of WRGB's news from the sour CL asshole.

Sheehan making up shit as she goes along

Muslim Obama turns terrorists loose (Gitmo) pic

Andy gets to play Santa with your dough

Happy Birthday SAFE Act

re dick was in mashed potatos (halfmoon)

re: cl terms of use

Re: Yes, The status is

Cooking At Home...Dan Eaton

Yes, the status is


re: tat rave (first tat)

scheasars assino (spendectady)


One more time;

And soon he will be arguing with himself. Ramble on.

Tat raves

Cowards at CNN and MSNBC pic

45 Caesar's Casino goes bust 45 (Las Vegas)

Re:lol rants and rave

27 Lol rant and raves 27 (Albany)

Man arrested for trying to blow up Washington

re:30 on the northway (exit 9)

RE sex offender bs

Like I said...

Sex offender BS

re: California pic

Pervert at the Pig Pit pic

re:re: 30 on northway

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