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22 Sep 17 suck my toes - w4m 22

Sep 17 Lessons

Sep 17 The cow goes moo.....the pig goes oink...... pic

Sep 17 Ole McDonald

Sep 17 GUILDERLAND PO SUCKS (guilderland)

Sep 17 I thought they were playing re-runs on the news (Schenectady)

Sep 17 Yes folks the libs in this country pic

Sep 17 Can you imagine Paul Tonko voted against pic

Sep 17 And then Bill Clinton went on to pic

Sep 17 re: Hoffman's Carwash

Sep 17 re: Paul Tonko

Sep 17 the liberals attacking NFL players (hypocriteville)

39 Sep 17 Hoffman car wash 39 (clifton park)

Sep 17 Good news ALBANY property owners (libtown)

Sep 17 The Guilderland Goo Gobbler must not have paid his TWC bill. pic

Sep 16 Hay Flagger?

Sep 16 Paul Tonko votes for illegals

Sep 16 Vivid Imagination Man Back For An Encore

Sep 16 Kiki is always good for a laugh (Only YOU are the joke)

Sep 16 Re: pow pow pow (Troy)

Sep 16 Why work in NY?

Sep 16 re: cyclists and dahood

Sep 16 Casinos

Sep 16 re:Casinos (Dumbville)

Sep 16 After reading what you wrote,dahood

Sep 16 Re:re: all political post pic

Sep 16 Re: Dumbville pic

Sep 16 Casinos (Dumbville)

Sep 16 quick answers (crap. dist.) pic

Sep 16 Please Don't Feed the Conservative Troll (CL)

Sep 16 re: cyclists everywhere (dahood)

Sep 16 re:all politic post bi same guy

Sep 16 Hypocrite Cuomo

Sep 16 all politic post bi same guy

Sep 16 Ever notice ? (#2) pic

Sep 16 Cyclists/fog/Rt9

Sep 16 A couple quick questions for the CL monitors pic

Sep 16 Is it just me pic

Sep 16 Re: 4:47am Post on CL

Sep 16 You need to read this.

Sep 16 Now you know why (Jeff Immelt)

Sep 16 ISIS beheadings FAKE

Sep 15 don't feed

Sep 15 Cyclist riding in the fog on route 9 (Round Lake)

Sep 15 re: pow pow pow pow (collegetown)

Sep 15 Please Don't Feed the Delusional Conservative Troll (CL)

Sep 15 re: imagine this

Sep 15 Pow pow pow pow pic

Sep 15 Better to ......

Sep 15 Imagine this (libtown)

Sep 15 dockey mook

Sep 15 Re: Unbelievably Stupid and Guess who;s at fault... OP

40 Sep 15 Looking for roommate 40 (Clifton park)

Sep 15 re: Guess who is at fault......

Sep 15 Re: Unbelievably Stupid

Sep 15 re: Guess who's at fault...

Sep 15 Unbelievably stupid (U.S.A.)

Sep 15 Guess who is at fault......

Sep 15 Bottom of the barrel

Sep 14 Palin Family Kicks Some Ass

Sep 14 Please Disregard the "Don't Feed" Posts

Sep 14 Ryan Russell (amsterdam)

Sep 14 re Street Shufflers

Sep 14 RE: Street shufflers get what they deserve (Rent'alier ) ((It's Rentler Bitch)) pic

Sep 14 re Ryan's Roofing

Sep 14 to the ppl who r bashing ryans roofing (capital area )

Sep 14 Can't always get what you want

Sep 14 Please don't...

Sep 14 re: re: Palin Family

Sep 14 re: schenectady jerk

Sep 14 Mark Desano keyboard cowboy

Sep 14 re: Palin Family

Sep 14 Re: The Palin Family (Hoags Corners)

57 Sep 14 Attention landlord 57 (albany ny) pic

Sep 14 The Palin Family.

Sep 14 Re: Creek and Pines MHP

Sep 14 Re: Albany women suck

58 Sep 14 Trailer Trash in a Stretch Hummer 58 (Hoags Corners)

Sep 14 Albany women suck

Sep 14 Heres todays news,man

67 Sep 13 broken hearted 67 (saratoga springs)

Sep 13 BEWARE of Bark Avenue!!! (Burnt hills )

39 Sep 13 Lyn Hayner 39 (Cohoes)

Sep 13 Re: You say, I Say....

Sep 13 Re: Dialouge

Sep 13 You say toMAYto, I say toMAAto (America)

Sep 13 re: what morons pic

Sep 13 dialogue

Sep 13 re re re re re I Give Up

Sep 13 Re" Speechless

Sep 13 Re: Salt Daddy

Sep 13 speechless

Sep 13 Animal rights (And wrongs)

Sep 12 re: salt daddy

Sep 12 Liberal unions plans blow up in their face

Sep 12 Animal rights activists get bitch slapped (Schenectady)

Sep 12 Crybaby unions won't play fair

Sep 12 Why should I care about illegals?

Sep 12 And speaking of illegals...

Sep 12 ISIS strategy

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