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Vega Odds

re: if a chickenshit troll shits his pants.. pic

E.T. Extra Testy aka K.M.

Then I say let's find David Smith

David Smith (80%...80 IQ) pic

a guy who loves trans women (albany)

RE: 80% (twilight zone)

Re, re 50 Shades discussion (anywhere) and all

27 80% of the shit on this board comes from 1 dude 27

Re;50 shades discussion

50 shades dockey moo pic

re:50 shades (anywhere)

re; re; re; 50shades (catskill)

women like a dominant man

re: 50 shades

Re;50 shades realville

re: 50 shades (realville)

Re;50 shades catskill

RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:RE: 50 Shades

50 shades

RE Re; Castro, Cuba (U ass sume)

Re: 50 shades (anywhere)

40 re re: 50 shades 40 (catskills)

Rere;50 shades

55 A serious question about section 8 55 (schenectady ny)

RE: 50 Shades

Re; 50 shades

Re; Castro Cuba

40 re:50 shades of grey 40 (catskills)

Castro makes obama his bitch pic

Sugga Knight Arrested on Murder Charges

Just a point of clarification (Squid Fan Club)

Re: 50 Shades of Grey

Pustules erupting on your kid's face (Thanks Obama)

50 shades of Brown (Up Off of Rt 32) pic

it's a wonderful day (for some dockey moo) pic

Football is a rough sport pic

re: one has to wonder

23 Stressed Out 23

one has to wonder

Debate Club (everyones got one) pic

re: out

Re: Life Long Smoker

re:Ghostbusters (that sucks)

Goes without saying pic

102 Coming soon 102 (USA)

50 shades of Grey?

I'm out (Albany)

new ghostbusters movie staring bitches?

Re: Just Venting


FAMILY (Advice) pic

19 old broad in green prius on 787 19

re: roll coal pic pic

Who the fuck is this retard?:

re: life long smoker pic

Twin Lakes apts...bullshit


RE: FAMILY 61 (Wynatskill)

Re:CPO, give me a break- (read slowly (Die slowly)


very sad indeed (not funny or entertaining either)

61 FAMILY 61

I'm A Life Long Smoker

A few replies

Re: Salvation Army


re:re:Salvation Army pervert! (Clifton Park) pic

re:Was mail delivered in Watervliet today?

re:Salvation Army

RE: Is Salvation Army a Retail store now????? (Upstate, NY)

YOU MIGHT HAVE a mental illness if (rubberroom)

30 Is Salvation Army a Retail store now????? 30 (Clifton Park)

50 Twin Lakes apartments in clifton Park 50 (sitterly road)

RE: re I don't know

CPO, give me a break- (read slowly)

RE I don't know

re-used cars (ballston spa)

More than just shitstains on these seats pic

I don't know if squid bought a car,but

re: did squid buy a car? pic

Did squid buy a car???? (wantadindigestion)

Re: Used Cars and what you pay for.

Dockey moo asshole pic

Teachers fucking students

Obama's Libyan war was based on....

CPO? Lease return (give me a break)

Re; used cars

Used Cars (behind the wheel)

Used or certified pre-owned..?

48 party buddie 48 (malta)

Used cars

I'm Brittany (Glenmont) pic

Not for profit NFL (daHood)

Northway chicken chokers pic

31 any real women in this area? 31

Northway jag offs at it again

NFL Being Taxed

RE: Democrats want to tax NFL

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