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Thu 17 Jul

Jul 17 re- "To all my fellow Christians Amen !" pic

Wed 16 Jul

Jul 16 600,000 blah blah blah

Jul 16 re: non profit to giveaway 1 fam house

Jul 16 Cuomo rejects casino bad news (Ready to piss away your money)

Jul 16 600,000 crimes against Texans by illegals? (Good)

Jul 16 re:re:fun in schenectady (da real hood)

Jul 16 re- Fun in Schenectedy (da hood) (BULLSHIT) pic

Jul 16 Re: Fun in Schd'y

Jul 16 re:immigrant children? really? (libtown)


Jul 16 My money is on Scumbag Obama

Jul 16 Immigrant children (USA)

Jul 16 whats with all the car flippers (schenectady)

Jul 16 Just to clear this up pic

Jul 16 Common Core (USA)

Jul 16 Blame Bush for immigrant children

Jul 16 Unions

Jul 16 non profit to giveaway 1 fam house (cobbleskill ny) pic

99 Jul 16 A Union at PC 99 (schenectady ny)

Jul 16 How many times will you fall for it? (libtown)

Jul 16 re;re;union at PC (dahood)

Jul 16 Artificial markets (U.S.S.A.) pic

Jul 16 War, mayhem and murder (The Gazette)

Jul 16 Union at PC

99 Jul 16 Re: let's get a Union at PC 99 (Capt. Dist.)

Tue 15 Jul

Jul 15 stupid mutt (clubhouse?)

Jul 15 History--Uneeda lesson

Jul 15 Comrade Tonko admits defeat

Jul 15 Infatuated ?

Jul 15 re;re libs

Jul 15 re:pretty lady (infatuated,huh?) pic

Jul 15 re: sucking liberals and the press (asleep at the switch)

Jul 15 Liberals sucking the life out of highway trust fund

Jul 15 Deafening Stupidity

Jul 15 And Again,Just That Quickly..........

Jul 15 Sure you can trust the government (Especially if they're leftists)

Jul 15 Re: Wellfare and "Oh My God"

Jul 15 part time jobs

Jul 15 Re: SFC

Jul 15 re- "Setting your as*es straight. its about that time. - 23" (Step off, Ho!) pic

Jul 15 Golf balls wantedvoorheesville - m4w (voorheesville)

Jul 15 re: part time jobs

23 Jul 15 Setting your as*es straight. its about that time. 23

Mon 14 Jul

69 Jul 14 Roberts Auto 69 (SFC)

Jul 14 Crazy Eddie (Troy)

Jul 14 How's that 29 hour/week job working out for ya?

Jul 14 Good News Albany Taxpayers (dahood)

Jul 14 Chuck the fuck shills for GE, higher taxes (The Republican Troll)

Jul 14 Lib Media always has the answer (libtown)

Jul 14 Re: republican troll (Posted 7 days ago updated 30 minutes ago)

Jul 14 Please Don't Feed the Troll, it Only Encourages Him (Albany CL)

Jul 14 100%

Jul 14 re: kiddies

Jul 14 I can't help but comment (nys)

Jul 14 RE- I'll bring the flowers...

Jul 14 is that a potato in your pants or are you just glad to see me? (trollville)

Jul 14 Brain dead pot heads stuck in the mud (Saugerties)

Jul 14 Billy sezs

Jul 14 re:re:homo trolls

Jul 14 I'll bring the flowers...

Jul 14 Fuccillo (Scumnectady)

Jul 14 Re: homo troll

Jul 14 Rich,white,self-entitled SNOTS (Saratoga)

Jul 14 My Billy car blew up :( (WWAAAHHHH!!!!!) pic

Jul 14 Our homosexual troll has a new crush! (stoners)

Jul 14 let's get a union at pc

Jul 14 Oh my god (cop out)

99 Jul 14 Safeway & Golub 99 (schenectady)

Jul 14 Re: bowl cleaner mancrush (Cohoes)

Jul 14 Cocksucking Dopers Get Burned

Jul 14 re- "For my birthday... (Capital Region)" pic

Sun 13 Jul

Jul 13 Watch out for this guy (Cohoes) pic

Jul 13 Re: Roberts used cars (Colonie )

Jul 13 Anthony Spinelli

Jul 13 And squid keeps his record at 100% (Wrong)

Jul 13 Near death experience can be scientifically explained

Jul 13 For my birthday... (Capital Region)

Jul 13 It's not the car dealers you have to worry about (Schenectady )

Jul 13 Safeway of the Golub corp (schenectady)

Jul 13 Congratulations Albany cl !

Jul 13 Roberts used cars (Colonie )

Jul 13 BREAKING NEWS--Germany wins World Cup (On CNN right now)

Jul 13 re 3x

Jul 13 I just can't decide (libtown)

Jul 13 Re: god cop out

Jul 13 And just that quickly,

Jul 13 "You believe in things for which there is no proof"

Jul 13 Do you remember what it was like before you were born ?

Jul 13 And Away We Go..........

Jul 13 Re: god's cop out - You are delusional (Earth)

Jul 13 To the boberts idiot

Jul 13 boberts..... (Albany)

Jul 13 Hmmm,the Bible guy again

Jul 13 tough luck young millennial obama voters

Jul 13 So,They Stole Your Welfare Money.....

Jul 13 To the idiot who bought the P.O.S. car pic

Jul 13 re: In My Hotel Room Lonely - m4m - 23 (Albany)

Jul 13 re:DSL vs. Roadrunner (Oh,LORD!)

Jul 13 used dealers as a rule (think)

Jul 13 Got to hand it to you squid (Wrongville)

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