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Wed Apr 23


Apr 23 Do you know who squid is?

Apr 23 Democrat hypocrites

Apr 23 do you know who bill ayers is?

Apr 23 Take me out to the ballgame

Tue Apr 22

37 Apr 22 My Abbie... 37 (Saratoga Springs, NY)

Apr 22 The man gets fucked either way (albany)

Apr 22 re: re: re: dead bodies dropping like rain

Apr 22 And you voted for this

Apr 22 Re: suboxone

Apr 22 re:re: dead bodies dropping like rain (Schenectady)

Apr 22 college kids scamming food banks

Apr 22 Cohoes tuff guy busts you up

Apr 22 too much skin for church? pic

Apr 22 45 people shoot in Chicago over the week end

Apr 22 re: nig-nogs littering

Apr 22 re: does dress show too much skin..

Apr 22 re: dead bodies dropping like rain.

Apr 22 dockey moo, dockey moo, where for art thou, dockey moo? (Shakesqueer)

Apr 22 Another shooting in Albany

Apr 22 Dead bodies dropping like rain (Skankectady)

Apr 22 NY open for business or open season ON business (Bed bath and beyond)

Apr 22 Libs get shellacked by Supreme Court (Lib racism banned)

Apr 22 SEN. READ VS BUNDY drink the kool aid (A MAN OF COLOR .... WHITE) pic

Apr 22 the new flager

Apr 22 U Albany

Apr 22 I'm sick of the nig-nogs littering (capital region) pic

Apr 22 HVCC (what you talkin' bout?)

Apr 22 Fuccillo Kia (schenectady)

Apr 22 Waterford Welcome Wagon (right on Rt 32)

Apr 22 re: HVCC

Apr 22 HVCC

Mon Apr 21

Apr 21 re: casino in eg

Apr 21 casinos anywhere, just a lib playground (libtown)

Apr 21 Casino in E. Greenbush? (WTF?)

Apr 21 salting on saturday (plow guy)

Apr 21 creek & pine mhp (ballston spa)

25 Apr 21 Re Re: senile in boca 25 (My House)

Apr 21 re: all free (Gee thanks) (What it Really is)

Apr 21 Re: senile in boca (broke in punksville)

Apr 21 All free (Gee thanks)

Apr 21 Salting the roads on Saturday (Cohoes)

Apr 21 Senile in Boca (Florida is the "bees knees") pic

Apr 21 re: so fucking sad

Apr 20 This town is dead because... pic

Apr 20 So fucking sad

Sun Apr 20

Apr 20 They're popping em' in Skankectady

Apr 20 Dead town

Apr 20 Virgin bikers (Rts. 146A & 147)

Apr 20 re: re: re: this town is dead

Apr 20 RE:libtards (Scum York) pic

Apr 20 gett u prego


Apr 20 SAFE Act

Apr 20 food for thought (taxnation)

Apr 20 Fuel to burn (Roads to cross)

Apr 20 re: looking for cute lady !! - 25 pic

Apr 20 re: re: this town is dead


Apr 20 re Fucillo Lemon Crybaby

Apr 20 classic

Apr 20 Lemons for sale (Fuccillo) pic

Apr 20 re: this town is dead

Apr 20 Andy and Barack sittin' in a tree... (raisin' fuel prices for you and me)

27 Apr 19 Right after they Killed Kennedy They Linked Driver Licenses to Support 27 (NAZI GOPs)

21 Apr 19 No wonder he hates the GOP when they are run by NAZIs 21 (BUSH family & Friends) pic

Sat Apr 19

Apr 19 Squid reveals his early childhood trauma

Apr 19 this town is dead

Apr 19 Walmart stopped selling guns

27 Apr 19 Love it or Hate it We Need The TRUTH 27 pic

Apr 19 RE: Now I know why Walmart stopped selling guns (Glenville)

Apr 19 Re: attention Walmart shoppers


Apr 19 attention Walmart shoppers

Apr 19 When you're a lib all is forgiven (wild about Harry )

Apr 19 Todays lineup on 103.9 FM on your radio dial

Apr 19 Baboon display (Busch Gardens Fla) pic

Apr 19 fast and furious (schuylerville)

Apr 19 answer: who was bill ayers (not fucksville usa)

Apr 19 Democrats claim war on women (Big crock of shit)

Apr 19 SSD guy

Apr 19 re: Poor Customer returns clerk Rotterdam Walmart

32 Apr 19 cum ovet 32 (schenectady ny)

Fri Apr 18

Apr 18 re: nig-nogs littering

21 Apr 18 Poor Customer returns clerk Rotterdam Walmart 21 (Rotterdam)

Apr 18 CSI-continued stupid insanity (SFC)

Apr 18 re: Harry Reid POS

Apr 18 Another U.S. Royalty on the way

Apr 18 No MMA in NY (It's too violent)

Apr 18 old fart? (Boca)

Apr 18 Harry Reid is a piece of shit!

Apr 18 re Worst Move Ever

Apr 18 re: sick of spooks

Apr 18 Re; Boca Raton

Apr 18 re:Video game troll & pot head don't like Florida

25 Apr 18 Re Re My Worst Move 25 (BOCA RATON)

54 Apr 18 smal(l)bany 54

30 Apr 18 SICK OF SPOOKS 30 (Capital dist)

Apr 18 Video game troll & pot head don't like Florida (Boca)

Apr 18 $9 there $30 here (Yeah sure)

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