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Dear Future Client:
Thank you very much for considering my company services. I know how difficult it has become for anyone in your position to choose the best entertainment for your forth-coming event. You may have been planning this event for a lengthy time or created it at the spur of the moment, no matter, your hard work and efforts have been put into your event and the entertainment should reflect this! For this reason your decision on it should not be taken lightly at heart. This decision will determine the success of your event by how much of a memorable impression it will leave with yourself and your guests! There are a lot of DJ services to choose from, choosing the right one for your event can be quite unnerving, especially if you don't know much about the industry itself! I hope to alleviate your concerns and generate as many answers to your questions within this letter presented to you about my services. This letter will give you a background profile about myself, my company strong points, expected requirements of all associates and a description of various package options to select from in addition to the standard package offered.

Background Profile:
I am a thirty year, veteran, professional nightclub disc jockey in the N.Y. Capital District Area. I started my career in 1979 by joining the DJ staff of the largest and most popular known nightclub in the capital district area The Rafters¯ in Saratoga Springs, New York. Associating with over 3000 patrons a night was not too uncommon with this popular nightspot. I was also associated with, as a DJ, almost all the capital district areas hottest nightclubs and continue to do so at present. Since 1979, I have been a member of the Albany, New York, Association of Professional Disc Jockeys¯, a record pool affiliated with and supplied by, all the major record labels. I receive promotional music on a weekly basis and I have well over 55,000 albums to select from, everything from Big Band to the present. I have worked all genres of music and have been associated with every kind of dance club format out there, Go-Go Bars, Discotheques, Punk Clubs, Alternative/Rave/Rage Clubs, Roller Discos, Videotiques, Live Rock 'n Roll Clubs and Live Concerts. You name it; I've done it! I created Nu-Visions Entertainment Productions in 1979 while seeking an education in electrical & mechanical engineering at college. I've had the opportunity to design and develop the nightclub industry in the Northeast, installing and repairing commercial systems in over 167 nightclubs. I have had hands on experience with almost all the major commercial audio/video, sound and lighting equipment available on the market. I can trouble shoot and resolve most any problem that can occur to a system during an event. My technical experience, both in music and equipment, is sought out by a majority of the club and portable DJ's in the capital district area. I am continually updating my knowledge of the industry through trade shows and seminars. I have a long, extensive experience background in the portable DJ service industry. I have personally performed over 2500 events, from weddings to private parties! That's a lot of parties to plan and I am hoping to plan yours!

Strong Points:
If you are looking for an experienced disc jockey service look no further! Nu-Visions has over 25 years of experience in the industry. Through those years, Nu-Visions Entertainment Productions has provided custom entertainment for so many different events and has had a direct relationship with so many of the banquet facilities in the capital region. This experience can provide any client with the quality assurance that their events entertainment will be planned properly. The principle owner is dedicated to the company full time. Being a full time operating company, not a weekend only operation, means a customer calling the company can get a person to talk to and not a machine when questions arise about the planning stages of their event! The company provides the clients event with state of the art, professional grade, audio, video, lighting and karaoke equipment. The events systems are custom designed by the client with the experienced assistance of Nu-Visions Entertainment Productions. These systems are reliable and properly maintained to assure the client will receive a top quality performance. Nu-Visions Entertainment Productions can handle any event with a large array of equipment to select from. No event is too large or too small, Nu-Visions Entertainment Productions is available for any occasion. The music selection available to the client is second to none. Nu-Visions carries everything from Big Band/Swing to the present and is available in most any format; records, compact disc, cassette tape, laser disc, compact disc graphics, digital videodisc and MP3 computer format. The client is provided with a request sheet to input the kind of music requirements for the event. Requests are taken at the event as well! All the disc jockeys that are associated with Nu-Visions Entertainment Productions are seasoned professionals. A format sheet is provided to the client, to custom build the disc jockeys performance. Unlike a band the music is continuous playing without any breaks, you have a larger selection of songs to choose from, the selections are performed by the original artists as you remember them by and the client has a greater control over the volume output level. Oh! Don't forget the cost difference, Nu-Visions Entertainment is considerably more affordable!

The requirements of all Associates:
The associated disc jockeys have meet very strict requirements to affiliate with Nu-Visions Entertainment Productions. The policy of working with only professionals seasoned with work experience in the industry is strictly maintained by the following requirements:
All disc jockeys must have a minimum of five years working experience either as a nightclub DJ, portable DJ, radio station personality or a recording studio engineer. This insures the client that the disc jockey has had hands on experience in the industry.
All disc jockeys must have a minimum of five thousand albums to choose from with a large variety from Big Band/Swing to the present. This provides assurance to the client that the disc jockey is committed to the industry, has made a large investment into the industry and is not someone just starting out in the industry. The client will benefit from a disc jockey that has this large variety to select from. It will assure the client that the music selection will cover the large diversification in music tastes that the client's guests will have at the event. Having this many pieces of music available to select from, informs the client that the disc jockeys music experience will provide the client with helpful, knowledgeable aid in selecting the right music for the client's event.
All disc jockeys should a have music background. The disc jockey should have some knowledge of an instrument, played an instrument in a band or learned music through an institution. This gives a disc jockey the technical tools of music. This also assures the client that the disc jockey has experience in front of a crowd and will not get stage fright in front of a crowd.
All disc jockeys should have the technical knowledge of the equipment that they will be working with! Should a technical problem arise with the event's equipment, the disc jockey should be able to resolve it! The show must go on!
The most important requirement is that all associated disc jockeys should have a good reference background with the past clients that they have worked with! Please excuse this expression, but,

Nu-Visions Entertainment Productions will not work with any snotty disc jockeys. The ones that will not take the clients music or performance requirements seriously and feel that no-one else can tell them how to run their show. These disc jockeys will not be associated with this company! Nu-Visions Entertainment Productions strongly enforces the policy that a client has a right to custom build their events disc jockey performance.

Nu-Visions Entertainment Productions Package Rates:
All Nu-Visions Entertainment Productions disc jockey rates start *$150.00/Hour; minimum of for 2 hours.
(*) This is a standard disc jockey package that includes; setup/breakdown time, disc jockeys rate and use of equipment. Some travel fees may be applied if the event location is over an hour in travel time from the company's Clifton Park, New York office. Each Additional Hour of Overtime (at the event) is pro-rated at $100.00 per hour.

Nu-Visions Entertainment Productions also supplies Nightclubs & Taverns with Club Disc Jockeys. The special daily rate is *$75.00/Hour; Minimum of 3 hours of music service, payable at the end of night (*equipment not included). Call for our Special equipment packages available at weekly or daily rates.

The following Optional Packages are available to the client at the clients discretion:

Custom Designed Lighting Packages:
Nu-Visions Entertainment Productions carries a large assortment, from static lighting effects (e.g.- mirror balls, pin spots, par cans, border fixture, etc.) to larger more elaborate special effects (e.g. center piece special effects, semi-intelligent fixtures, robotic effects, lasers and laser graphic projectors, etc.). Most any lighting design package can be accommodated.

Lighting Packages Start at $100.00 and are *custom arranged by the client. *Prices are based on design.

Custom Karaoke (Sing a long music) Packages:
Nu-Visions Entertainment Productions carries one of the largest collections of sing a long music, both in Compact Disc Graphic format and Laser Video Disc format. With over 13,000 songs to sing to, from past to present, from country to rap. Many show production props available too!

Karaoke Packages start at $350.00 and are *custom arranged by the client. *Prices are based on design.

Custom VJ Music and Videographer Packages:
Nu-Visions Entertainment Productions can capture an event on video or provide Video Music for your event. Capture your days memories with professional style on VHS or DVD format to be viewed over and over again at your leisure. Professional editing and special all day packages available. View and dance to past and present music videos at your event!

Videographer or VJ Music start at $950.00 and are custom arranged by the client. *Price based on design.

Nu-Visions Entertainment wishes to make every event special by aiming to make it the BEST! Abandon the rest and get the best in disc jockey entertainment!

Nu-Visions Entertainment Productions
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